Why choose us?

  • 20 years experience

    Over 20 years experience in precision machining parts production

  • High quality and reasonable price

    We always provide our customers with reliable price and good quality turned parts. Here is two examples:We have a customer, who sends us without price. We just signed back with the price written down by ourselves. We have a part with over 1,000,000 pcs monthly shipment. There is zero defect in the past 5 years.

  • Keep continuous improving

    Our customers are always saying:” It looks different from last time I come.” With the growth pace of LT, we never stop improving, from machining equipment, inspection, to process manager system. The ultimate aim we are doing this is to make the parts more stable, reliable, traceable and cost-saving. To better traceable and more visible, we are now beginning to use the MES system. We would like our customers faster and more clear to know how the parts go and the situation they are.

  • Awesome team

    Professional engineers, experienced innovation and design team, high passions and thankful sale team, positive and hard-working workers are always here to help you.