Quality Assurance

From late 2014, we are using MES system (Manufacturing Execution System Association)to improve our whole production manage. All the managers could know the status of how the parts are being made at the certain moment. Or even finally, you could also trace your parts with single bar label. You will be never afraid of the status of your machining parts. The system also gives us the ability to recognize quality issues immediately, yielding a zero defect output to our customers.

Quality policy

1. Understand our customer’s requirements, find out the difficulties, face them, and solve them.
2. Translate our customer requirement into an effective and capable production strategy and also transfer the requirement to all the involved employees.
3. Verify and validate that products will completely meet all of our customers’ requirement.
4.Contituously monitor, analyze, and improve the whole processes affecting the quality of our machining products and customer satisfaction.


1. Digital measuring projector 7
2. Projector 2
3. Image measuring equipment 2
4.Rockwell hardness equipment 2
5. Vickers hardness tester 1
6. Salt spray tester 1
7.Preumatic measuring instrument 1
8. full inspection equipment 6
9.Eddy current tester 1

Download PDFfor full equipment list

Quality Systems: TS16949

1.Real-time in process SPC software.
2. Incoming, first article, in-process, pre-finish, and final inspection operations.
3. Comprehensive work instruction documentation.
4.“Next-Step” inspection procedures on assembly and fabrication operations.
5.Continuous monitoring of internal and external quality, managed through our corrective action database.
6.Inline integration of part inspection probing, glass scales, and tool length probes.